We design and develop products based on chat-bots and artificial intelligence solutions (AI)

We use our own product design methodology and have experience in completing over 25 projects with international companies
Core team competencies
Available for all messengers: Facebook, Kik, Viber, Telegram, Wechat, Line, etc.
Q/A-systems (NLP)
Support, FAQ and dialog automation via Natural Language Processing technologies (NLP)
Speech recognition
Human speech recognition, audio/video to text
Face and object recognition (Computer Vision)
Photo and video stream analysis, face and object recognition technologies
Neural Networks and Machine Learning
Neural network technology applications in different business processes
Big Data and Analytics
Big Data technologies, recommendation technologies, data visualization
I believe AI-technologies provide an opportunity to develop new types of products.

That's why we've developed our own product design powered by wobot-methodology.
Paul Doronin
Founder of wobot.me and AI Community, AI Today
TOP-100 chatbot people to watch by Chatbots Magazine
Our partners
25+ companies we've partnered with totaly
(and we are a part of AI Today group)
Why we?
A team of 10+ engineers with experience of working on over 25 projects
AI Community
We are founders of the #1 chatbot and artificial intelligence communities in Eastern Europe. 2000+ specialists, developers and engineers.
We organize AI-hackathons
We've organized 7 AI-hackathons in 2016 with 100+ involved teams.
It allows us to be up-to-date with all AI-technologies.
Cross-technology products
We are experienced in many AI-technologies.
We are able to develop cross-technology products, such as chatbots, neural networks, big data analysis, etc.
Any product ideas? Become AI today!